Hello there!

My name is Giada,
I’m a translator, a subtitler
and a localiser


My working language pairs are:

English to Italian, French to Italian,
Japanese to Italian and Italian monolingual

I strive to make your text sound like a genuine Italian text, keeping the source message intact.

Over the years, I’ve learnt to find the best creative solutions for the most difficult translation challenges,
so much so that accuracy and reliability are the key attributes of my work.


As a linguist, I can help with:

I work with a wide variety of texts, and I specialise in audiovisual, marketing and legal texts.

Specialised in subtitling services


Captioning your content is incredibly important – especially nowadays, with so many people tuned in to streaming sites and video platforms.

Having professional, human-made subtitles not only provides a pleasant reading and viewing experience but also ensures you can reach a wider audience with your content.

Think inclusivity with SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing), enhanced comprehension, viewer engagement or getting that message across, even if the audio is turned off.

I can help ensure your subtitles are of the highest quality.


I’m also a doula,
which means I help families transition to parenthood
while providing physical and emotional support.

I live in Firenze (Florence), Italy.

As a doula, I can help by:

Simply being here for you, your baby or your partner (if you have one)
Fulfilling your needs like loading the dishwasher or holding your baby while you take a shower
Interpreting - since I’m a trained interpreter, I can also help you communicate with your doctor or nurse during an appointment, and assist with Italian paperwork and other important events
Speaking your language if you need a really good chat with someone who can understand you in your mother tongue or second language

Why Tradou?

I love being a translator, and I love being a doula. That’s why I decided to join both aspects of my life and business into a pretty unique combination.

Tradou stands for Italian tradurre but also English translate and French traduire (and ideally for 翻訳, hon’yaku, the Japanese word for translation) plus doula. They’re two sides of the same coin.

We had to move continents at the end of my pregnancy which was quite stressful. We arrived in Italy looking for someone who could help us with the arrival of our first child. We were full of doubts and fears and were very lucky to meet Giada. Meeting her and hearing abbout relaxation techniques was relly helpful for delivery. When our baby daughter arrived, Giada really reassured us with all our fears of being first-time parents, dealing with a crying baby, and feeling confident enough to do things outside! Giada also helped us with breastfeeding and finding positions that would suit me and my baby more, as well as having enough confidence to breastfeed in public, something that has been extremely important! On top of all this, Giada also has very nice and fun personality, and we are hoping to keep in touch with her. Absolutely recommended!
Manuela,Marco and Vera
Giada is very attentive to the customer. Always meets deadlines and is very responsive. Always seeks to give the best response to the customer. It is a pleasure to work with her.
Catarina SantosProject Coordinator - Best Content www.bestcontent.com
Giada is a competent translator and respects deadline! Working with her is always a pleasure. I recommend her services without hesitation!
Alexandre MorelliProject Manager - Pop Translation www.poptranslation.com