Giada Riva

Professional Italian linguist and doula

I’ve always loved languages and how different and yet similar they are.

My mission is to get your message across the linguistic barriers.

As a linguist, I strive to make your text sound like a genuine Italian text, keeping the source message intact.

My working pairs are English to Italian, French to Italian, Japanese to Italian and Italian monolingual.

I regularly travel to the countries of the languages I work with, to actively use them and improve my knowledge of their culture and society.

I’m also a doula,
which means I help women transition to motherhood while providing physical and emotional support.

As a doula, I’m here for you, your baby and your partner (if you have one), striving to fulfil your needs, whether they be loading the dishwasher or holding your baby while you take a shower. Since I’m a trained interpreter, I can also interpret for you during doctor’s appointments, when dealing with bureaucracy, or if you just need a really good chat with someone who can understand you in your native or second language.

My qualifications:

BA in Translation and Interpretation (English and French) – SSML Carlo Bo
MA in Foreign Studies (English and Japanese) – Università degli studi di Firenze
Exchange programme at Kyōto Gaigokugo Daigaku (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)
BA in Intercultural Studies (English and Japanese) – Università degli studi di Firenze
Doula training completed in December 2019 - Scuola delle doule di Bologna